e-Discovery Litigation Support

Digital evidence is relevant in legal proceedings. And so has its identification and preservation. However necesary, it is a highly expensive task. Taking this fact in mind, a group of legal and information experts established Foresenics.

International Outsourcing Services

Foresenics is a leading electronic discovery firm that enables both foreign and domestic enterprises and law firms to manage legal, regulatory and investigative matters. From Argentina to the whole world, by using cutting edge technology, we make it easy to cost effectively and defensibly solve challenges across the eDiscovery lifecycle, from legal hold and collections through analysis, review and production.

No matter where you are -or the Court is.

    Our people know how to deal both with the Continental-Law-oriented and Common Law systems.

  Besides, they master the use of the e-discovery tools that have turned the production of legal evidence in this country, into a world class technological task.

  Foreign lawyers rely on our expertise as expert witnesses, not only to help them meet their litigation objectives, but also to reach swift resolution of their disputes - before either judicial and arbitration courts. Thus, they highly benefits from cost-predictability and reduced risks through the use of clear, straight data analysis and strategy planning.  

  Moreover, at Foresenic, both a bilingual and friendly  environmental, and international experience, grant an easy, smooth cooperation between both English speaking & Argentinean teams. 

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